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Nigel Richards was initiated into photography at the age of 8 by printing the family negatives onto POP paper held in wooden frames and developed on the window sill in the sun, since then photography has been an absorbing passion but not a career. Instead Nigel worked in computers as a developer and system designer for nearly 40 years until in late 2004 he took early retirement from his own IT company. Photography took the form of personal projects, camera club photography and collecting  photographica. He gained his LRPS in 1987 with a panel of self printed colour prints and his ARPS in 2008.  However in 2006 he enrolled at DeMontfort University in their MA photography degree course under Professor Paul Hill. The objective was to gain a new insight into photography and develop portfolios of work rather than concentrating on the individual image.  His first years work cumulated in a portfolio of experimental still life images of fruit and vegetables created on the flat bed scanner. In November 2007 this portfolio "Fruit & Veg" was exhibited in Manchester at a one man show.  For his second years major project, working within the theme of “From Above”, he created four non narrative sequences of images that he calls Transitions, presented in book form these Transitions examined such dissimilar themes as the impact of society on the rural landscape, the impression made by natural and man made objects on the foreshore and the relationship in shape and form between diverse objects when seen from above.  He now hopes to develop this concept into a book for publication.  Nigel successfully gained his MA in July 2008 and has since exhibited his work at MA shows in London and Sheffield in late 2008. 


Nigel aged 8



From Above - Transition no.1 From Above - Transition no.2
Fruit & Veg Trafford Park Village 1984
EDF Building - La Defence Experiments in Infrared
Infrared Images  More Infrared Images Shadows of the Day
North West Water Atlantic Water
Middlewich Amphitheatre A Foggy Day
F1 Australia 2016 Dragonflies and Damselflies
My Photographica Collection


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