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From Above - Transition no. 1

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From Above is a portfolio of photographs based on a project that researched the concept of taking photographic images exclusively on the theme of looking down from above, and the effect of this perspective on perception.

The images in the portfolio draw inspiration from the photographers of the New Movement in Photography of the 1930s where the developments of the miniature hand held camera allowed the flexibility to capture images from previously inaccessible locations and angles.

Initially appealing was the way an elevated viewpoint can isolate and expose an almost abstract quality to what are familiar objects; however the new perspective also revealed that there would often be a commonality of shape, pattern or form between very diverse objects that had previously been invisible from a more normal viewpoint.

The desire to retain this relationship between the images in the final portfolio  resulted in the images being presented as non narrative sequences  in book form. 

These sequences are referred to as Transitions: - the act of passing from one state or place to the next.

Presented as a book it allows the intent of the author regarding the images and their relationship to be made clear to the viewer of the work. 

Transition no. 1  is a sequence based on relationships between the shape or form of images. 


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EDF Building - La Defence Experiments in Infrared
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Middlewich Amphitheatre A Foggy Day
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