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North West Water

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With water, light is everything and some of these images utilize those non specula reflections that occur when there are winds, tides and water movements that break up the surface.

Mirror like reflections are somewhat boring,  I always want to throw in a stone! 

Other images make use of the patterns formed from foam floating on the surface, most viewers would consider this pollution, however I believe any object can have an aesthetic quality.

The images featured above were all taken in the North West of England in Cheshire, it's difficult for me to prove this, you just have to take it on trust. 

 The locations featured are:

        The Mersey from Runcorn Bridge Cheshire.

        The Weaver Navigation Northwich Cheshire.

        Middlewich Canal Cheshire.

        Macclesfield Forest Cheshire.


From Above - Transition no.1 From Above - Transition no.2
Fruit & Veg Trafford Park Village 1984
EDF Building - La Defence Experiments in Infrared
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North West Water Atlantic Water
Middlewich Amphitheatre A Foggy Day
F1 Australia 2016 Dragonflies and Damselflies
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