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This page contains a cross section of the work shot over the last few years experimenting with infrared enabled digital cameras,

No camera or processing details are included, however details of the methods used to create the cameras and images can be seen at Experiments in Infrared .

I thought the images should  stand up in their own right without labouring on about the techniques used, at the end of the day it is the image that is important and the camera merely a tool used to create it.


From Above - Transition no.1 From Above - Transition no.2
Fruit & Veg Trafford Park Village 1984
EDF Building - La Defence Experiments in Infrared
Infrared Images  More Infrared Images Shadows of the Day
North West Water Atlantic Water
Middlewich Amphitheatre A Foggy Day
F1 Australia 2016 Dragonflies and Damselflies
My Photographica Collection

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