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Fruit & Veg is a  portfolio that deals with the theme of still life. Drawing on the shape and form of an Edward Weston pepper, the colours, scale and inner detail of a Georgia O’Keeffe flower and the stark isolationism of an Irving Penn background it endeavours to show the whole and the part of the fruit or vegetable with a single image.

 The vision was to create images of fruit and vegetables of such a scale that close ups would be needless, the viewer would be able to stand in front of the image and simply look round it seeing the inner detail that in a normal context would have been ignored or overlooked. 

Super realism and impact was required. Traditional photographic methods failed to achieve the vision that was in the minds eye of the author and after much experimentation the flat bed scanner was utilised to create the images for this portfolio. They contain a wealth of fine detail, dazzling colours and a great presence.

 When exhibited in a gallery they would have to be big, as Georgia O’Keeffe said of her flower paintings:

 I’ll paint it big and they will be surprised into taking time to look at it.

From Above - Transition no.1 From Above - Transition no.2
Fruit & Veg Trafford Park Village 1984
EDF Building - La Defence Experiments in Infrared
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Middlewich Amphitheatre A Foggy Day
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